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Titles include many variations on the main theme, plus "Ritorno A Mompracem" and "One of the lighter soundtracks we've ever heard from Francesco De Masi – scored for an equally lighthearted film about a bunch of kids off on adventure – all given a nice soundtrack that's both playful and lively, but without ever sounding too sentimental!

The style here is more late 60s kid comedy than you'd guess from the date, with orchestrations keep things hip while also cracking the charts!

The album's their first full collaboration with legendary producer Thom Bell – and it's got a sound that's summed up perfectly in the quintessential cut " Means I Love You" – and which is followed through beautifully on a batch of tracks that includes "Losing You", "Can You Remember", "You're Gone", "I'm Sorry", and "Break Your Promise".

The work was done Guido & Maurizio De Angelis – a sequel the Sandokan film from the previous year – with loads of chiming little and grandly soaring string bits, flute, mandola and sitar sounds– with tight drumming and percussion and even bits of electric keyboard funkiness!

early 70s – his first 7 LPs in chronological order and certainly the majority of his greatest work – in a beautiful box set!

It includes the self-titled debut, Goodbye & Hello, Happy Sad, Blue Afternoon, Lorca, Starsailor and Greetings From – charting a pretty remarkable creative evolution over the years.

Titles include "Votez Pour Moi", "Fantastic stuff from Ray Barretto – and one of his most sophisticated albums of the 70s!

The album mixes together rootsy percussion and smoother jazzy arrangements – in a manner that keeps things fresh at all points, and which shifts the focus nicely from track track – creating a really rich sound that's almost unlike anything else he ever recorded!

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Luiz Cruz plays excellent electric piano, and Adalberto Santiago is on lead vocals on a few tracks – and titles include the extended version of "Cocinando", used as the theme in Our Latin Thing – plus the cuts "Que Viva albums under his own name, as it also features singles, work with other groups, and some rare archive material that's especially nice!

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