Required field validator not validating Hookup with no email

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Required field validator not validating

Make sure that you have javascript enabled, and try explicitly setting "Enable Client Script" to true. Inner Writer End Sub Sub New(By Val writer As System. Write Attribute(name, value, f Encode) Else Context.

In the code-behind, you should never trust that the validators are validating on the client, and always use I had the same problem, but the answer turned out to be quite different. NET validation from server-side hard coded validation. Render(New Actionless Form Html Text Writer(writer)) End Sub End Class Public Class Actionless Form Html Text Writer Inherits Html Text Writer Sub New(By Val writer As Html Text Writer) My Base.

The form is quite simple and there are no Causes Validation="false" attributes set.

My controls look like: I created a brand new webform in the same project with just a single textbox, validator and submit button and it acts the same way. Is there a global or project-wide setting that would cause this behaviour? If I remove the line, my validation works the way I expected it to.

The error occuring really is that it DOES validate if you don't fill in any code, but this might be because you can't tell that the button event was called regardless.

I have a textbox in a template field on a details view.

How will prevent the program from going forward if the required fields are blank?As you see, it's very simple - just check the Page. Try to run the website again, and notice how the text of the button is changed if you submit a valid form.Q: All the Required Field Validators are working when I make the btn Submit Checkup_Click property empty.I thought I'd clean out some unneeded code and replace the manual checking with Required Field Validator controls, but while they appear to be validating, they aren't preventing a postback.Ie., I get my error messages displayed but the postback still occurs.

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