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In 2017, roughly 90 per cent of upper secondary students received a leaving qualification (diploma).The Swedish Schools Inspectorate oversees and examines the quality of schools across the country through regular inspections.While entrance requirements vary between programmes, all of them demand students to have passing grades in Swedish, English and mathematics from their final year of compulsory schooling.In 2017, about 18 per cent of Swedish ninth-year students did not have the grades to qualify for a national programme; however, instead of national programmes, these students have five so-called introductory programmes to choose from.From these introductory programmes, students can then move on to a national programme.There are also upper secondary schools for people with intellectual disabilities as well as programme variations targeting for example athletes.International studies such as Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) have indicated a deteriorating performance among Swedish children in recent years.Most recently, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which is behind the PISA assessment, followed up on the trends in May 2015 with a detailed review of Sweden’s educational quality.

se The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education analyses labour market demands for workforce education, decides what programmes are to be included in higher vocational education and allocates public funding to education providers.Several reforms have been implemented over the last few years, aimed at improving student results and raising the status of the teaching profession: The new Swedish Education Act of 2011 contains basic principles and provisions for compulsory and further education, pre-school, pre-school year, out-of-school care and adult education.It promotes greater oversight, freedom of choice, and student safety and security.New consolidated curricula for compulsory schools for all students, Sami schools, special schools and upper secondary schools came into force 1 July 2011.The curricula contain new general goals, guide­lines and syllabuses.

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The relevance of the PISA studies has been questioned by educators and policy makers both in Sweden and abroad.