Red flags in a dating relationship

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Red flags in a dating relationship

You’d have even more reason to believe this if there is more than one ex with a red cross through her name.It is definitely a green light and promising sign if he’s interested in what you have to say.Or does he calmly confront you and ask you for your side of the story?

We know that people who are controlling in the beginning only become more controlling as time goes on, and people who are aggressive now will keep being aggressive in the future.But you can still tell a lot about a person, and whether he’s soulmate material or not, by how he acts during a confrontation with you.Does he accuse you of things without giving you a chance to explain yourself and jump to conclusions based on what he’s heard?Just be aware that nobody is perfect, so if he seems legitimately perfect in every way, you’re in for a shock sooner or later. Never underestimate the importance of laughter in a relationship!It only seems like a small element of the bond between two people, but it can actually be the difference between an average relationship and a great one.

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On the other hand, it’s a red flag if your date tries to one-up you every time you bring something up.

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