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What he doesn’t expecting is the burglar to be a beautiful halfling: half drakon and half human, with the coveted ability of shifting into smoke. Annwyl the Bloody has been rescued from battle by the dragon, Fearghus the Destroyer.She recuperates inside his cave, splitting her time between enjoying the dragon’s company and being healed and a trained by a handsome knight., by Ann Aguirre After losing his mate, leopard shifter, Dominic Asher, exiled himself away from his pack.But trouble is brewing between shifter clans and he’s desperately needed to lead his people., by Isabel Cooper What’s a dragon to do in London?

What Denae doesn’t expect to find is a dragon king who hasn’t been amongst humans in over a thousand years.

Pru Bristow, the best friend of Dom’s late mate, might be the only one able to convince him to take up his role as leader again.

, by Jennifer Ashley Shifters are not welcome by humanity, sent to live in areas and towns for their own kind.

What she doesn’t foresee is that he isn’t just a man, but a jaguar shifter.

, by Shana Abe Set in England where dragons are very real, a shapeshifting marquess is after the jewel thief causing quite a stir amongst the cities rich and wealthy. Aiken A friends to lovers romance featuring a warrior heroine and a dragon shifter.

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It’s been a year since her capture and rescue, and Kathleen is still being plagued by nightmares.