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Accordionist Nico Carstens was a regular on the Afrikaans programmes.The SABC has since been accused of favouring the ruling ANC party, mostly in news. Criticism intensified around 2003–2005, when it was accused of a wide range of shortcomings including self-censorship, lack of objectivity and selective news coverage.Opposition politicians and civil society often criticise the SABC, accusing it of being a mouthpiece for the ruling African National Congress; during the apartheid era it was accused of playing the same role for the-then National Party-led government.Radio broadcasting began in South Africa in 1923, under the auspices of South African Railways, before three radio services were licensed: the Association of Scientific and Technical Societies (AS&TS) in Johannesburg, the Cape Peninsular Publicity Association in Cape Town and the Durban Corporation, which began broadcasting in 1924.“A total of sixteen couples were shortlisted at the final audition phase in Cape Town and only eight couples will share the luxurious villa in Camps Bay, Cape Town.Their relationship will be tested through a series of tough and spectacular challenges”, says Engelbrecht.

This problem may also occasionally be caused by a glitch in Microsoft Internet Explorer.During National Party rule from 1948, it came under increasing accusations of being biased towards the ruling party.At one time most of its senior management were members of the Broederbond, the Afrikaner secret society and later from institutions like Stellenbosch University.Programmes on the English and Afrikaans services mainly consisted of news; plays such as The Forsyte Saga, Story of an African Farm, and The Summons, written and produced in South Africa; serious talk shows; BBC radio shows; children's programmes, such as Sound Box; and light music featuring South African orchestras, arrangers, musicians and singers.Accomplished musicians such as pianist and composer Charles Segal featured on all three stations regularly in shows like Piano Playtime.

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The SABC was a radio service until the introduction of television in 1976.