Radgrid not updating on postback

Posted by / 31-Dec-2019 23:11

Radgrid not updating on postback

NET 2.0 includes a Check Box Field, one might think that it could be used to add a column of checkboxes to a Grid View.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, as the Check Box Field is designed to work with a Boolean data field.

This sequence of markup allowed the loading panel animation to display everytime there was a postback to get the detail data without refreshing the entire page within Share Point.

As I said above, I think the key was wrapping the Ajax Manager and the Rad Grid within a Rad Ajax Panel which was not needed or shown in the Telerik demos.

Our example will include a paged Grid View listing the products in the database table with a checkbox in each row (see Figure 1).I therefore used coding and markup as explained on the Telerik demo site here.When expanding the master rows to expose the "child" rows, the detail data is loaded on demand via the Detail Table Data Bind event.Also configure the Grid View to support paging by checking the Enable Paging checkbox from the smart tag.Let s also add the user interface for deleting the selected products.

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