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Puck and rachel dating episode

Puck tells Quinn that he would be a good father to the baby and a good boyfriend to her, but could not be expected to remain monogamous if Quinn continued to refuse him sex.

Quinn admires the way Puck handles the situation, but is later irritated to learn that he was "" Santana throughout the night.

Mike argues with his father about wanting to be a professional dancer, and Coach Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) gains an admirer in the form of football recruiter Cooter Menkins (Eric Bruskotter).

Kurt and Blaine debate whether to have sex, as do Rachel and Finn, the latter of whom is worried about being recruited for college football.

He sings "Early in Season 2, Puck is sent to juvenile detention for destroying an ATM.

Producers did this as a creative decision to give room for the romance between his ex-girlfriend, Quinn and new kid, Sam Evans.

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Emma Pillsbury's parents visit, and cause a flare-up of her OCD. Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan (Damian Mc Ginty) arrives at Mc Kinley High.

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