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While there can be benefits to liquidation under Chapter 11 as opposed to Chapter 7, there can be some drawbacks as well.

It should be noted that a Chapter 11 liquidation plan does not discharge all of your small business debts.

The bankruptcy code is complex and filing a Chapter 11 plan that creditors will accept can be tricky.

For help filing a bankruptcy plan or even deciding which type of bankruptcy is right for your small business, contact a local bankruptcy attorney.

That said, it is possible to have liquidation under Chapter 11, and it may benefit debtors and creditors more than Chapter 7 liquidation: In a chapter 11 case, a liquidating plan is permissible.

Bootstrapping simply means using your own resources to fund your venture.General partnerships consist of two or more partners; these partners jointly manage the company’s day-to-day operations and share responsibility for its debts and liabilities.Each partner contributes to the partnership — both financially and in sweat equity — and shares in the company’s profits and losses.You’ll need to review the company’s assets and liabilities just before making the declaration.Write a statement saying that the directors have assessed the company and believe it can pay its debts, with interest at the official rate.

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