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From that point forward, she showed up in the film .In the year 2007, Draper served as the creator, writer, executive producer, and director of The Naked Brothers Band. Of course, they didn’t approve of a Blossom boy dating a Cooper girl.Jason, on the other hand, initially didn't take her attraction seriously, further proven when it is revealed that he only started dating Polly to earn points in the football team's "book of conquests".

Draper guided her most youthful child’s play What Would Woody Do? In 2011, she likewise composed and featured in a scene of the Current TV sci-fi arrangement Bar Karma and showed up in the play My Brilliant Divorce in 2012 at the Bay Street Theater.

According to Betty, Polly thought of Jason dearly and heavily valued their relationship.

The relationship between Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper was passionate and romantic. They became engaged after learning they were expecting before Jason was mysteriously killed and Polly was sent to live in a group home.

This is evident in the book of conquests itself, in which other team members dock Jason points for developing feelings for her.

Although it's mentioned they had a major falling out at some point in their relationship, they eventually reconciled, Jason ultimately proposing to Polly.

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