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As water signs, Pisces are prone to traveling and going with the flow, just as water would do in a river.

Made up of two fish, the sign represents a deep connection to the spiritual world.

Pisces are well known for their adaptability, conforming their interests and intentions to the situation at hand.

This can be dangerous for The Fish, however, as their sense of self may slide off into the background.

The passive Pisces nature affords this couple peaceful times.

However, Pisces can be too easygoing, sometimes gullible, and is extremely sensitive to negative energy.

Their laid-back nature is a welcome aspect for both partners, and this couple feels a great emotional attraction to and deep admiration of one another.

What’s the best aspect of the Pisces-Pisces relationship?

Pisces must really focus and devote themselves to setting personal goals.

One fish looks to the heavens, while the other is earthbound.

But once you know exactly what Pisces are made up of, it's quite easy to keep us happy: They are highly creative, and they want to follow their desires almost instinctively.

We are extremely loyal, but don't mistake us for being weak.

Pisces are always dreaming about the perfect partner, but don't think they're okay with relationships that revolve around just sex. Pisces look for people who are attracted not only to their bodies, but also to their minds and spirits. Pisces trust what they feel, and they often don't budge.

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It will only cause a wedge in the relationship, and a Pisces will always leave in search of someone more compatible. Pisces are extremely loyal, and although they're not outspoken, they will always fight for you (unless you start trying to control them). Because of their introspective nature, Pisces can easily hide what they're feeling.