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Stunning islands, warm people, and lots of ladyboys!It's the only roman catholic country in South East Asia, so its people are conservative, but nevertheless you can find there the most passable TS ever, and it's the reason why I love Filipino ladyboys. Asian people are naturally small and cute, that's why when men visit Philippines, they're always risking that the girl they are trying to pick up has a cock and nobody can tell it.You'll be surprise even the kids here can speak english.You will then have no problem communicating with a Filipino ladyboy.We are not sure if these girls choose to be here, or whether they are forced to do it. I am the only white woman in the club and – as far as I can see – the only woman who is neither a prostitute nor a waitress. Some of them hug the girls; some are just hanging around in front of the stage. Finally, Jay decides to ask for the price of the „services” at the bar. I am not going to discuss whether a ladyboy is a transsexual person or a woman trapped in a man’s body (or the other way round).It turns out that for a meeting by the bar you have to pay 3000 pesos to the manager, and another 3000 to the girl, for the whole night. To be honest, the differences are tiny, and I am no expert to deliberate on this.

They are easy to spot – they have more masculine facial features, lower voice, no breasts and no Adam’s apple (though the lack of the two last elements is not that obvious), they wear much sexier outfits and more make-up than the „regular” women. Marten puts his arm around me to show that we are a couple, so nobody bothers him. I cannot take a closer look at the girls at the stage because ladyboys are always staring at us.They are not individualist people, which doesn't mean they cannot be independant!Girls in the Philippines are smiling girls, they have this tendency to be happy with not much, and have a positive attitude in life.When the dusk falls, all the neon signs are being turned on, and the street gets crowded with prostitutes, tourists and homeless people. We order beers and take a seat at a round table in the third row in front of the stage. Marten asks me to pretend to be his girlfriend so that he won’t be bothered by anyone.I must admit, that I felt quite shocked while witnessing a white guy barging about a price with a girl when the rest of her family was sleeping on the pavement nearby. There are a few young girls at the stage, only in their lingerie.

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Do bear in mind that we did not go there actually to have fun. My two male friends accompanied me so that I could feel safer and more comfortable.

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