Passive aggressive dating pattern

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Sometimes something as innocent as teasing can descend into passive-aggression.

Engaging a passive-aggressive person in the same way you engage everyone else is like swimming against a riptide. Interpersonal reconstructive therapy assumes that maladaptive personality patterns such as passiveaggressive behavior are a repetition of behavior that was once appropriate to the client within the context of his or her childhood family experiences.Therapy involves recognizing these repeated patterns and understanding where they come from and why they continue. Benjamin works with a 53-year-old man who has a history of chronic pain and unstable employment.You can’t see it until you are caught in one and you will only exhaust yourself and drown if you try to swim against it. It’s fine.” Then they complain about you to someone else. In order to survive and get back to land, you have to swim parallel to the beach and remove yourself from the pull of the current. They won’t admit it, even when you ask them straight up. I’m fine.” You probably can sense that they are not.

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She works with him to help him come to an awareness of the recurring relationships in his life and to see the sources of these patterns in his past.

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