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Posted by / 02-Mar-2020 04:04

Any Googling I've done has come back to Outlook 2013 answers but that's not what I need.

I'm also fairly certain you can't add a shared mailbox to favourites in OWA so if anyone has a way around this that would be appreciated.

Tim OWA indeed has some issues with updating the content of additional/shared mailboxes.

But when the messages come in, the unread message count does not increment on the Inbox folder on the left navigation [email protected] M When I start Outlook, I get this error as well when it tried to compile the macro to run it.I was just uding the Debug menu item Compile Project1 to reproduce the error and try and troubleshoot. The only type that I even see in mine which contains the word Navigation is the ol Navigation Pane which is part of ol Pane.The issue they are experiencing is that the unread mail count isn't increasing and as such not notifying them when a new email comes in.These have to remain shared mailboxes because it's generic accounts like "[email protected]" which are monitored by 5 people so I can't do any forwarding.

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