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Posted by / 13-Feb-2020 05:08

For several contacts, the Notes field contains an overview of which fields have been changed.It appears that this new information is coming from the Global Address Book (GAL) of our company’s Exchange server.While in general this is great, it creates some issues especially with synchronizing to my mobile phone due to the phone number formatting and the length of the Notes field.Can I disbale this automatic updating of my contacts?No matter how you’ve configured the update settings for the People Pane, you can always force an update for a specific contact.

This error occurs when users try to download Offline Address Book in Outlook.

Manually modified fields after doing a Contact Update won’t be overwritten again by doing another Contact Update unless the information in the GAL has actually been changed again.

If you don’t like the proposed changes at all, simply close the Contact window without saving the changes.

Another way to make sure that you get a fresh copy of the OAB is by renaming the oab-files to when Outlook is closed.

They are stored in the following location: which itself holds subfolders with named after Account GUIDs.

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