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like my female versions of them Xd Year: 2nd CREATE YOU OWN CHARACTER!

Here is the layout: Gaia name: Miki Hoshigami Name: Lyla Cunninghamage:16Personality: An American exchange student, she's slightly hyper all the time and insists on getting on Kyouya's nerves.

They arrive at Ouran Academy to recruit Tamaki for the Kenran Host Club, and it is the player's job to convince Tamaki to stay.

ouran high school host club is very fun,play it quickly!

Tamaki loathes her and will try to kick her out of the host club every day. Here is the layout: Gaia name: Dororoluva1996Name: Harukaage: 16Personality/ Bio: Kind hearted, loves music (plays flute), enjoys spending time in the host club room because she is friends with them, thinks the host club is a bit of a joke and believes the club members to be leading the girls there on, good student but bad at math (Kyouya tutors her and she likes him), used to live in France and was friends with Tamaki (used to like him until she met Kyouya in middle school), Very agressive when angry (has been known to punch Tamaki and Kyouya if they anger her).

Honey loves her because of her obsession with cake. Photo(optional): (I have this on my list to draw) Gaia name: Amulet Ki Tora Name: Haku and Hana Fugioka Age: 16Personality: They are twins with black hair and Haku(male) has light blue eyes and Hana(female) has violet eyes. They are 2nd years because they usually mess around in class and got held back. Haku becomes the Smooth Type in the Host Club and hana becomes a regular guest for Hunny because she is obsessed with anything cute.

The game progresses through five individual storylines or "episodes" that span Haruhi's first two months at Ouran Academy.

Several scenes from the anime are treated as flashbacks in the game.

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During their first meeting at the Third Music Room, Haruhi accidentally knocks over, breaking a valuable antique vase which was valued at 8,000,000Yen.

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