Ontario dating laws

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Ontario dating laws

(f) Firms shall not put undue pressure on students to communicate an acceptance or rejection of an early offer.

Commentary: If a firm makes an early offer to a student(s), which has been initially held by the student(s) and then subsequently accepted after the firm has already scheduled interviews with other applicants for the position(s) that is or are no longer available, then the firm must contact those other applicants to cancel those interviews as expeditiously as possible.

Part C of these Procedures applies to any firm, either within or outside Toronto, seeking to recruit a student who will spend a significant portion of the articling placement with the Toronto office of the firm.

The general recruitment procedures outlined at Part B also apply to firms located in Toronto.

Her parents, Mike Shannon and Sara Shannon, have kept Sabrina’s spirit alive by advocating for safer school environments.

Sabrina’s Law, landmark legislation passed in Ontario in 2005, continues to influence school board policies in Canada.

Sabrina’s Law is a documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada with Lank/Beach Productions and Merit Motion Pictures.

Breach or circumvention of these Procedures should be reported in writing to the Law Society of Ontario, by email to [email protected], to the attention of the Team Manager, Articling Program.

These procedures set out the earliest date on which certain recruitment activity can take place in any given year, and are only applicable to that specific licensing cycle.

Firms may choose to hire after the earliest prescribed dates set out in the recruitment procedures.

These Procedures are organized as follows: Section A - Definitions Section B - General Procedures Applicable to Recruitment by All Firms Section C - Recruitment by Firms Located in Toronto Section D - Recruitment by Firms Located Outside of Toronto: The following definitions are provided for clarity: “2020-2021 Licensing Cycle” means the period from May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021.

“August 12 Interview Week” means the interview week for articling student positions in Toronto which starts at a.m. “early offer” means an offer of an articling position made by a firm to a student who is or has previously been employed and/or hired as a summer student with that firm. “recruitment activity” means open houses, firm tours, and similar activities held for students, as well as any activity originated by a firm and directed toward specific individuals or targeted groups for the purpose of encouraging employment with that firm, including but not limited to the conducting of interviews and the making of offers of employment.

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The purposes of these Procedures are to: Participants are reminded that compliance with these Procedures is required under rule 6.2-1 of the Law Society’s Rules of Professional Conduct.