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Online dating sevice for wiccas

Ever since the tragic passing of Princess Goddess Diana, this tradition has come to total fruition.

Believers of this tradition worship before an Altar of Diana, normally depicted in her striking 80's-big-hair form.

They gather around a priestess or priest with cups of wine or grape juice and pretend to drink human blood. When the magic words are spoken, some Wiccans believe the drink actually becomes the blood of a lesser god who lived 2000 years ago.

The Meat Ritual is similar and often performed along with the Blood Ritual.

To pass the time, followers learn to tie Celtic knots, which are symbolized in their jewelry (Celtic Wiccans typically wear knotwork jewelry instead of Pentacles).

After a year and a day, they must move to Ireland (if not already living there).

Jewish leaders have commented that Jewitches are quite simply, not kosher. However they DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD(s) so they are ATHEIST!Dianic Wiccans like to sing hymns, mostly that annoying song by Elton John which can also be used in the worship of Marilyn Monroe.This is the most beautiful and the most authentic of all the Wiccan traditions.Also, be sure to worship Wiccan-Jesus, read the Wiccan Bible and take part in the cannibalistic rite of Wiccan Communion every Sunday.Purity Rings are the only permitted jewelry in this faith.

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