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Onitemupdating detailsview

The Item Updated event never fired but I got the Details View to works how I wanted.I wish there was an easier way to do this or at least more documentation on Microsoft’s website.A Details View Insert Event Args object is passed to the event handler, which allows you to indicate that the insert operation should be canceled.I was stocked for sometime using the 2.0 Details View control to Edit/Update data.

So, the method to get the column names looked like the following: The method checks to make sure the data being sent isn’t blank or null by executing the ‘Is Field Null’ method.

Problem 2: When clicking the update button I handle the updating of the order in the Item Updating event but the Item Updated never fires and the Details View never change the mode to Read Only after the data was updated.

Details View control always stayed on the Edit Mode.

Save, Update, Delete in Details View Control in Details View is a Data Bound control of used to Displays the single record from a Data Source in the form of a table, where each row represents a field of the record.

The Details View control allows you to insert,edit and delete records.

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Here, we first insert record in to database and fetch record from database and display it to Details View control in ASP. write below code on SAVE button for insert and bind data to Details View in