Officer updating orb procedures sops

Posted by / 13-Feb-2020 15:57

Officer updating orb procedures sops

These can be submitted through the email of We stand ready to support and service you and your local council as you implement this process for the first time or fine tune it for those who are already conducting your operation in a similar manner.

Please utilize the youth leadership on an area and region level to assist in the organization of VOAs.

Below are the NEWLY created National Venturing Operating Procedures which include the following: It is important for councils to note that these are minimum standards of recommendation and councils may add to these making them functional for your service demographics and directives as determined by the council approved leadership charged with this task both from a volunteer and professional perspective.

We do request that adjustments to these SOP’s by local councils be submitted through the Program team so we can establish a library of practices being used in local council operation.

The National Venturing Youth Cabinet is now supported by the Program Impact department and the Youth Development team.

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