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Nude grip hookups

Now both our tongues are twisting and turning against the other, really getting the bliss out of our shared contact. There's the inherent boundary of brother and sister being broken, but then there's the regular boundary of selfdom being broken. For once she doesn't seem to be the intimidating instructor that she has been.Two people being together without any other goal but pleasing the other. We both smile at each other for a second, not needing words to interrupt this moment. Don't get me wrong, she's still got the goods but she's using them in a less aloof manner than before. It's kind of hard not to when she gives her ass a little teasing jiggle when she leaves. In case you missed my descriptions of masturbation this one's for you. Kind of a knee jerk reaction to making out with my naked sister. This jack off session's not about getting off as quickly as possible, it's about basking in this feeling, and the feeling is... You know I'm not fantasizing that I'm in total control.I think she and me will be down for practice though. Don't know how I'm going to transition out of this and into fucking.She's feeling good but I want to see if I can make her feel this good through fucking.

This whack off was not used to placate me, instead it took my mind to a higher place.Haven't even focused on any tongue action, that can come later. Now I think it might be time my tongue made an appearance.I gently poke a bit of it in her mouth to see if she welcomes it or not.I myself am in this place of bliss with these two... Maybe this fantasies weird, maybe it's all just an ego trip.But when I think of them in that state, lying naked with me without a care in the world, I feel good. I want to feel like I have this potential for this feeling coursing through my veins.

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Once again I realize I've never asked about her peculiarities in regards to cunnilingus.