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“Not everyone who says they don’t drink or who doesn’t drink around you is necessarily a safe person to date; I look back at that time as the most precarious part of my sobriety.” Of course, there are issues to deal with if even the best-case scenario happens: You and that normie fall in love.You’re going to have to address serious quandaries.It’s all about being totally happy, honest and clean.When in doubt about anything, ask yourself: How does this advance my sobriety? ” Lucia, a 30-year-old who works in TV industry in Los Angeles and has been sober for five years, says, “Most everyone—sober or not—has problems and issues and baggage.“I started dating a guy who told me he didn’t drink,” she recalls.“We had very civilized, nice dates but, after a while, I started to catch onto the fact that he really did drink—he was just trying to control his drinking and never indulged around me.

Should you be open about your recovery or just fake it with water on the rocks?Once upon a time, my favorite part of dating was getting ready for the date: mixing myself a rum and Coke to take the edge off, jamming to some Blink 182, choosing my outfit and make up, and sipping on my beverage to alleviate the first date jitters.Even if the date turned out to be a bust, I really enjoyed having a drink with my in anticipation of a night out …Two years ago, alcohol having wrecked havoc on my health through migraines, anxiety, and the occasional total melt down, I chose to go booze free. And as a 29-year-old single woman in Texas, the constant go to when I’m asked out is, “Do you want to grab a drink?When we started going to more parties together, I saw him staring somewhat lasciviously at the alcohol.So I said to him, ‘Hey, don't not drink on my account.’ That opened up the floodgates: Suddenly, he’s getting smashed all the time and we’re going on group dates where everyone but me is getting wasted.” Amy found herself deeply in like after six months of dating, though her gut told her the relationship was dangerous.

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When I first decided to get sober, I told my fiancé, “I think I am going to go to AA and quit the booze for good.” His reply: “Awww, I’m gonna lose my drinking buddy? ” As you may expect, that relationship imploded shortly thereafter.

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