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Telling us will suffice – we don’t need visual evidence in the form of a sweaty post-race under-carriage. Kids Nephews, nieces, friends kids, your kids – regardless of what form your love for small children takes, you’d do well to remember you’re trying to get a date not a work placement in an early years community nursery – enough of the under 5s.

If it’s a flash soft top it says you’re a rich w***ker – or just a w***ker, especially if you’re in a show room and the car’s not even yours. Lycra You completed the London to Brighton cycle race.

But if your desire is to Tinder your way to a relationship, this approach, most likely, will not net you those types of dates." If you still want to approach other users with some degree of spontaneity, Opert encourages going with something like, "I have a spare ticket to see such-and-such band tonight, wanna be my date?

" This puts forth a and runs The Popular Man site, tells me that "telling someone they are beautiful before having any type of connection looks desperate and needy.

Even so, Dekeyser warns against laying it on too thick, saying, "Never go too far with the first message.

Cars Similar to a naked chest, a car, no matter what shape it is in, is not something that should be on display when you’re looking for a date. Football logos The only time you should be publicly pledging allegiance to your team is at the pub with your mates when they’ve made the semi-finals of the Champions League. Unless you play for it – or are Jose Mourinho, in which case crack on. Bad spelling Less funny and more mystifying in the modern age of technology.

She says, "Spontaneity is great, but stay on message.

If you are looking for sex and [something] casual, then by all means, use this approach.

Chances are, the recipient is getting tons of those same messages from other users. But it's even Reverse psychology is seriously at play here.

Plus, Tinder isn't the best place to be seeking something more long-lasting.

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Here’s 11 things you’re doing on your online dating profile that crack us up. Nipples The golden rule of online dating pictures, regardless of what state your body is in, is keep your top on. A Duran Duran T-shirt or a George Michael mullet c.1987 – yep, that should do it.

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