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Spaghetti Theatre’s new production of “Nerve” not only acknowledges such red flags, it lets them fly with often hilarious results.

Written by Adam Szymkowicz, “Nerve” explores the pitfalls of dating, centering on one couple’s delightfully awkward start.

There are lots of scenes of teens (played by actors in their twenties) performing dangerous and/or thrilling stunts; some fail and get hurt. Teens are shown drinking from plastic cups and briefly smoking (possibly pot? The characters also use popular real-life websites/services/devices including Facebook, Spotify, and Huffington Post, as well as i Phones and other smartphones.Elliot and Susan meet online, and he is immediately convinced that she could be “the one.” But now that they’re on an official date, things feel less certain.A self-described “puppet lover who hates roller coasters,” Elliot is a bundle of neuroses — needy, obsessive and totally insecure. But it soon becomes clear that she also has more than her share of eccentricities — she carries a knife in her purse and relieves stress and boredom by breaking into spontaneous dance.Digital surveillance is every bit as present in Nerve as it is Jason Bourne, but the former underestimates the ability of its millenial audience to do its own thinking.As a movie, it gets off on the highwire fun of living on a dare and then pisses away its provocations by lecturing us on the loss of privacy and the fragility of identity, topped off with a metaphorical take on social media as an STD.

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