Myspace dating scams

Posted by / 10-Feb-2020 03:17

Any reputable bank, credit union, or online shopping site will require a secure connection.

They don’t necessarily mean you’re dealing with a scammer, but it’s worth slowing down before you part with your money. Thieves love wire transfers because the money is available for withdrawal almost immediately (before everybody figures out what they’re up to).

In the end the foreigner learns that his beautiful Elena turned out to be a bearded Boris, but most likely the ill-starred foreigner will blame heartless Russian women for everything.

) an amorous foreigner will send the "Princess" a couple of thousand bucks, so that she could buy a ticket and they could live happily together.

Correspondingly, a scammer might be bearded Boris who starts a quick Internet-affair and then asks for money.

Did you know the word "scam" is understood in ex Soviet Union countries as specifically meaning swindling money using online dating.

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Look for the lock (or “https” in the address bar) when doing anything sensitive online.