Moldova dating love ru

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Moldova dating love ru

The biggest wine cellars in the world, and the biggest wine collection in the world – If you are a true wine fan you really can’t go past a visit to Mileștii Mici Winery.We had a truly surreal experience here of driving through underground caves, but I have to say it is just not as well done as Cricova…Though this could be entirely down to the guide.An entire wine city underground, you just have to see this to believe it – We organized a fantastic tour and tasting through a small local company Top Tours Moldova who offered us a great price, over-delivered and customized everything to our interest’s.Oleg the owner even gave us a mini-city tour on the way and his passion for his town and country is truly infectious.A visit to the Cricova Underground Wine Cellar should be the number one thing every tourist sees in Chișinău!

The Chișinău Water Tower is a stand-out monument in the city and is kind of hard to miss.Only a ten-minute walk from Chișinău City Centre – yet a world apart – you will find the much loved Valea Morilor Park, easily one of the most beautiful places in Moldova.Perfect for escaping the city and getting a breath of fresh air.If you have the time it is really worth going both, especially in the summer when the outside wine fountain is working – but if you’re short on time Cricova is your best bet.In saying that, Mileștii Mici did give much more wine during the tasting, and had some very, very cool hidden rooms to explore…

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Of course, there is also delicious wine to try, and beer which is traditionally served with a small meat pie.

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