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For the women are girdled both above and below the stomach and are less nude than the men.

He says: “You could not distinguish the young men from the girls, except in their way of wearing their belts.They often curry both sides of elk skin, like our buff skin, then variegate it very prettily with paint put on in a lace pattern, and make gowns of it; from the same leather they make their shoes and strings.The men do not wear trousers they wear only a cloth to cover their nakedness.” Their dwellings were usually the ordinary conical wigwams covered with bark, skins, or matting.The Reservation, it appears, was laid off for the Micmacs about 1872, by Mr. Consult Further: in the Canadian maritime provinces (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, eastern New Brunswick), the Gaspe of Quebec, Labrador, and now Boston. There is dialect diversity among communities and age groups, with the greatest differences setting off the Restigouche community in Quebec.The language of the Micmac Indians is very remarkable. Its declension of Nouns, and conjugation of Verbs, are as regular as the Greek, and twenty times as copious.

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