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A clear and direct “Let’s take things slowly until we both figure out what we want” is infinitely better than an enthusiastic promise that you’re not sure you want to live up to.Physical Mixed Messages Your words aren’t the only way you can make promises.

This can of course apply to sexual intimacy—for many people, sleeping together is a sign that the relationship has moved to a certain level of seriousness.

Mixed Messages about your Preferences Watch out for ways you may send mixed signals with what you say you like or don’t like.

For example, if your significant other invites you to a concert you won’t like, and you accept the invitation with a lot of enthusiasm in order to keep from hurting his or her feelings, then you shouldn’t sit through the show as if you’re bored out of your mind. Honesty and direct communication build strength and intimacy into a relationship, whereas mixed messages and little white lies can erode that healthy groundwork you’re trying to lay together.

If you have told your new partner that the old relationship is over, but you continually take calls and exchange emails from your ex, then your new significant other is going to have a hard time taking you at your word—on this and lots of other points.

Want a surefire way to doom your young relationship? It will set up damaging patterns that will be difficult to overcome as you and your partner move forward.

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"Women have been sending men mixed messages for the last few decades, leaving boys utterly confused about what they are supposed to represent to women, which perhaps explains the strong language some of them use when describing their situation. I've been alive for at least some of this time period, I think, so I'm also wondering at what point I began sending mixed messages to men. Unlike men who always say and do the exact same thing.

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