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I didn’t get my nose until I was thirty-four.’” “He said, right on the air, God, you’re funny. You’re going to be a star,” Rivers said of her first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Her jokes were meticulously organized, kind of like the Dewey Decimal System, in metal filing cabinets that I kept after I sold her apartment in New York.: So would you say that you take after your mother?MR: I try to stay organized, but my father was really the compulsive one. This book is the history of her career, all told through archival material that’s never been seen before.

What do you think she would say about today’s environment? Stop and relax.’ I know she would be so dismayed that there is so much anger and hate out there.From the moment they laid eyes on each other, they were inseparable. As was to be expected, drawers in the joke file began to fill under the headings ‘Grandson,’ ‘Grandmother,’ and ‘Cooper.’ One of my favorite jokes was: ’When people say the baby got my nose, I say, ‘The joke’s on you! MR: The idea to do a scrapbook came up pretty early on, but it was too overwhelming to me.It became a reality about a year ago after my good friend Scott Currie talked me into it.

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Broadway will be less bright and vibrant without him.

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