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There are now infrequent bus services to Epping, Ongar, Brentwood. In the 1940s, the North Weald Bassett Parish was formed and North Weald was removed from the Ongar Hundred and placed, along with Thornwood, Hastingwood and various other small villages in the parish.Since 1945 three large housing estates have been built.In 1260 Philip Basset, Henry's successor as lord of the manor, complained that many robberies were being done in this wood near the road between Ongar and Waltham, and he secured the king's permission to assart (turn forestry into arable land) 6 acres of the wood.Norden's Map of Essex, 1594, does not show North Weald as a densely wooded parish.

In 1939, however, the Wesleyan church at Thornwood was closed owing to lack of support.After all, Facebook hasn't exactly been known for respecting the privacy of their users in the past, and on the other end, well, just type "facebook sex scandal" into your favorite search engine and see for yourself.In 1086 North Weald was one of the most thickly wooded places in Essex.In the 19th century the population followed the trend normal in rural Essex until about 1861: there was an increase to 886 in 1831 and a subsequent slight decrease.But between 18, when the agricultural depression was depopulating most villages, the population of North Weald rose from 842 to 1,135.

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In 1777 there was apparently no woodland there apart from Weald Hall Coppice.