Lrc potentiometer dating cons of consolidating credit card debt

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Lrc potentiometer dating

When you increase the volume of speakers, you're actually decreasing the resistance of the potentiometer.

But with potentiometers, this is not necessary because potentiometers can easily be adjusted to provide a range of resistance values by just adjusting a knob.

So by using audio pots we are able to achieve perceivable change in loudness by slight turning of the pot.

If a linear pot is used instead, we will notice that loudness changes only when the pot is turned to its full extent.

Conductive strip helps the potentiometer to ca The metallic wiper acts as a conducting path between the lug 1 and lug 2.

So the resistance between the left lug and the centre lug is the resistance of the part of carbon strip over which the metallic wiper has traversed.

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When we rotate the shaft of the potentiometer, we actually rotate the metallic wiper attached to it and hence change the resistance. The relation between the position of wiper and the resistance is called the taper of the potentiometer.