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Lotus notes calendar not updating

How to sync calendar with i Phone can be implemented easily.There are different exchanges for calendar sync and the choice depends upon the user.Many situations could lead to this issue, and users can search for solutions on the Internet.Users can follow the steps below when their Calendars app is not syncing with i Phone.The mostly used exchange is that of the Apple’s own. It will ensure that the calendars sync with i Phone. For these users, it's important to sync same calendars on their devices. The email address will be verified once again: Step 4.It allows the users to get rid of the general issues with other exchanges. it doesn't only make the devices synchronized but also help users to update the information in the first time. Hotmail is an exchange service being used all over the world. Syncing i Phone calendars with Hotmail is quite easy. i Phone will ask the user which kind of data they want to sync.NOTE: The following is a sample script, provided only to illustrate one way to approach this issue. Save and close the agent, and close the Domino Designer client. Notes Support will not be able to customize this script for a customer's own configuration. Detach the LSS attachment (in the Attachment section below) to your computer. Open the LSS file and select all the text and copy that to the clipboard 3.

* The wrong user name appeared in the calendar profile and now entries have the wrong $Busy Name specified.

He then changed the location of the meeting and a new invite with comments was sent out to the 2 people, they accepted this, but the original calendar information was not updated with the changed location.

If either of the people went into the original meeting reminder in there calendar, they are prompted that some details have changed and did they want to update? I would have expected the reschedule acceptance would have changed the location in the calender entry?

-- Update the fields $Alt Principal, Alt Chair, Chair, Principal and tmp Chair, for any Calendar entries (Appointments but not Notices) which are determined to be chaired by the Owner.

This is determined by checking that the Calendar entry's Chair field matches either the Owner field in the Calendar Profile or the $Prev Busy Name field in the Calendar Profile. If you click Yes when prompted, the agent will only report inconsistencies and will not update the related fields. Important Note: You must verify that the mail file's Owner field has been set correctly before using this agent.

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