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Cln "il Ir CK I . Ul ii;p» 4 tornado and lf»-ml)e per i Kiur winds thnargh Springfield • •rsjth yesterday killing maiming as they went The same twister npjted through ! 2T» mile* awsv, Ij ONDTIN A P offered Friday I0 admit Wr.% at¥l m-ae pf«*ih|e tw-isiers left tern ln«pec1ora into the .

Anylhlni hut the other •*rnte«r^partially and Whtie-hatred crippled. Symea said she; / ^ fan Ing forward In the I B %W — In he was jo H. Shirley had most Greater Victoria junior high schools are . eau j lmen Molhe Progressn.eronser estranged .''vmes' I basic news about whether the Liheials will continue in of Ifue or turn over the R“v'*rb- The told ! ccneral of the prm ince suj Tvrstrd a defn', in setlirment of Ihe dispute brenuse of iiot'e Mam market cim of feel of than lumber, t Sfr.' a Id-week stoppage roal the industry an e*hmaied Jl Td.dftdfl OO, . and heat and ftam-re«.ietmg Flse cnmlortable rhairs, covered . Civil Servants The LTii Mi) plo Bet will afferl FAhll!

you know, you and conforring on Parlia* unileisianrl, like They '’**n T-• u . T»-ii Hill f ne the biggest caught this yiar in Island Mr Rushton caught it last on a Stnp-Teas«'r with four ounces of weight off Discovery Island Light, weighing in at Oak Bay Boat(Colonhouso. Mnl Sfl*, SSa t, U T lh« ‘ a monih* __ The delivenea a •* jji i 44 is; r* Mi’. 20 00 ahnijt governmen* em Riiiieh Columbia Here's the Latest News From in - J. sl| flexible, rgitimlf^fnr city or rountrv’ ianoa and authentic reproductions, * . 000 per annum could involve the addition of 0,000,000 to federal outlays in the present fis(? Such a course has neither been approved by the di.ssolved Parliament nor endorsed by the new awmbly. All over the province communities are busy on the job of marking Ihe centenary in distinctive is aiming not particular attractions, If Ihe nf There U which own pageants, festivals of one kind or another, parades and displays undoubtedly will be the order of the day. Several major sporting and rencafjonal events will also be centred Altogether, from Ihe in BC. standpoint of the visitor the provini'e should In* a tourist’s paradise in and fnj* the people of B. SS p.|,| I- y , m M U Mr- r*r.s*lr Rn U, j;ia -•a- iwa* V ;.'d,n»qr l'«' Vala ’*701 ' sss **•% * ; u. lepic-enia- Amalganiar-d fivil f Canada, aaid ^ix per would work o»ii to an a'Prage monthly rai«e of from i 3-Piece « I* leas than we Pxi»ei led." Trice Complete »er\l«-e had Rriiiiteivire Feiiei atinn, laar night lefuxed to rommem on the anntmncrment until further detail! a Any such as.sumpiion would birthday be wide nf the mark, however: Gieater may have making up difficulty |is mind but e Kewhere things are going ahead with great gutn. this decide on .several areas some The pmmere wx must he made. Playing Politics Still T7OR an never easy for the four It is councils concerned to agree on anything, but admittedly they have been bedevilled by a variety of proposals and Ihe pressures of groups .seeking mainly to cash in on the provincial giants for their owm particular benefil. fashion adiarent communities are pooling their grants for iomt memoidal .schemes, and no fewer than .'V)0 li is estimated that permanent m^’mcnlos of the ocrasion will be ei*eclcd throughout the province. and the memix’i's of hi.s cabinet are still in office, and masi remain so until their are sworn in. Thr H Months Free $tora|e Complete range of boots, shoes, sandals in suedes and smovithles— for MKN . The Ihe but he had fled all to Ihe permanent memoi are organizations kv’al ial only, for many planning with to celebrate the occasion. (Vntennial Committee, made talk to the A Rolaiy (Muh this Hi« account quite evident.

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wh»i verv exceptional happened” h* A government u p e v U«l r \ more lhan .de« halt among mote than vimr.s aimual iniome stiike Vole workers lumbia« lumber s British In t.i00.000,000-a Industry, which the wilt t'o- taken June 2K, a i Hhnr der of di Hruvsed di\nrie wiih her hiishand al alt s —yet slay in Ihe home them pav when they leave entel«»f»es f Ue rmly it.” In- a«e Mi MRt IT KXri RKk (Pago 9 The im Min's coiumc I wtih ihe Icmuli Wf— fxpire loriav Chnirman j W jftonlon Tho lli$trirt High Srhoolx Hand Out Atldrtir .linirf/a il'ag** ihaliofi I 111 the place Firm U ith -i f Ug Heart il Ihreatened will hr die fourth maytr In I'MC. I U Minu*^# mu rnlomat *4 lo on the “Big Tub" Ursl Keaflires inr It Mie j Miwerful the Westingh**u*.4‘ fatuuiis Iv Uv HI wringrr more cash than you can a Uord to loaa^ buy profartad American Rxprcss Travelers Cheques Ttt nat Ceoiioaa skirt, 1 1 f«t ''BBr t«« «t B* d BOjrl II IH» h Bif»«fao* "a*a» o-a-* »Btp eor.l Bt 19 MHa VOB r* RBtir*in* rwr S. BA* conuaas 1 Here’s an exrellrnt s Ave ftill Wfl BT Ml BBI141 IB B4 ASM H IM • f To amoftr.n* ,i4*t .a a*Beirn In'*' Far SMlwi atf S v B-ot ««««r4 he underwent recently. ki'rhen or dinerte rnnsiruriion Stiirdv heat and aiatn rev.