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Liquidating antiques

It's truly a treasure hunters paradise." For 50 years, Jim collected and filled his museum-like warehouse with pieces dating back generations.It's like stepping into a time machine," says another daughter Becky Addison.Three levels of history and nostalgia fill the warehouse from floor to ceiling and sadly it's time to say goodbye."It's not your average antique store," says daughter Teresa Addison, it was my Dad's life and passion.We're hoping the beloved collectables will find good homes where they will be treasured and maintained in the same fashion Jim Addison, and his family did.

The auctioneer will hold a viewing, then items will be brought forth for visibility and bidding.

The liquidator deals with individuals – the auctioneer tries to involve the entire crowd in bidding.

The liquidation sale is usually a 2 or 3 day affair, with prices set the first day and negotiable on the last day.

Everything is negotiable in an auction from start to finish because the crowd controls the prices. If your house is on the market in addition to needing possessions liquidated then an on-site sale increases its exposure dramatically.

Just think, all the liquidation sale attendees seeing and talking about your home for sale.

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If you want fast response and the right money, then choose an estate liquidation company for an on-site “Tag Sale”. The time involved is about two weeks from initial contact.

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