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Left 4 dead is updating slow

Launch your antivirus software and make sure it's up to date.

Then run a full scan of your hard disk and, if your package allows, set up regular scheduled scans.

If you don't yet have a malware removal suite and aren't sure whether the built-in Windows protection is good enough, head to our antivirus software reviews to see which one to install.

But the number of programs that are scheduled to start up when Windows can also have a significant effect.

Similarly, it stockpiles small files called 'cookies', which contain information about your browsing history and personal details. Periodically clearing out your browser’s cache will help it to work faster when loading pages and reduce the amount of valuable disk space that these cached files take up.

In most browsers, these settings can be found within the Settings menu, labelled something along the lines of Clear browsing data or Clear cache & cookies.

However, with the advent of Windows 10 (and Windows 8/8.1 before it), it simply isn't necessary to run defragging software on your computer.

Windows handles data much more intelligently these days. If you're still running Windows 7 (or older), you may get a small speed boost by defragging your hard drive.

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These sometimes come pre-installed on your PC, and many downloadable applications will attempt to add unnecessary toolbars.