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Labview not updating gui

Since this might be the case for multiple nodes simultaneously, Lab VIEW can execute inherently in parallel.

Multi-processing and multi-threading hardware is exploited automatically by the built-in scheduler, which multiplexes multiple OS threads over the nodes ready for execution.

The programming paradigm used in Lab VIEW, sometimes called G, is based on data availability.

If there is enough data available to a sub VI or function, that sub VI or function will execute.

Within Frame Rate Display, the average of the picture is calculated and added to a plot.

Execution flow is determined by the structure of a graphical block diagram (the Lab VIEW-source code) on which the programmer connects different function-nodes by drawing wires.

These wires propagate variables and any node can execute as soon as all its input data become available.

I refuse to put it on my resume and will avoid any job that requires it.

Matlab is not traditionally used to do real-time analysis. But still Matlab and Labview are both extending their capabilities toward each other market.

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The parameters of signal acquisition (sample ratio and length) and parameters of chart (Y-Axis scaling) can be adjusted at runtime.