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Take the guesswork out of labeling and take control of food safety at the touch of a button.

Preppy app and Preppy Console by PREPsafe ensure accuracy and readability, promoting food safety and reducing valuable labor time.

Prepsafe have proven time and again our systems and their simplicity are world class, so why not jump on the bandwagon and join the 1000’s of other customers around the world who are already happily using Preppy.

It might just be the best investment you ever have to make!

I am also in a select group of Training stores in Australia that are used to train future SUBWAY Store Owners and I always recommend Prepsafe to them as the best available food container labeling method.

Its modest price and robust nature make it ideal for our environment.PREPPY® App and PREPPY® console not only calculate use by dates for products but also takes care of defrost procedures and recalculates use by times according to manufacturers specifications thus ensuring the ultimate safety for your customers and of course your business’s reputation.The PREPPY® products are designed with the KISS theory in mind, so staff training takes literally minutes.I have been a fan of Prepsafe since its inception, and have witnessed its involvement from the beginning. I have now used Preppy in 4 stores and will install it in my new store that I am about to build. John Miles Franchisee, Subway We were any early adopter of the Prepsafe food labeling system after seeing the product at a Subway convention many years back on the Sunshine Coast.It was love at first sight for our Food Safety Supervisor and consistently draws favorable comment during the Subway store evaluation process as well as from Local Government Environmental Health Officers.

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The process is very easy for all staff to manage and takes the guess work out of labeling during food preparation.

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