La mayor dating ktla lou parker

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La mayor dating ktla lou parker

(He’s back on the beach and you can pick up a whole bunch of his product and since it’s donation based, just pay him as much as you feel.) Now that Villaraigosa’s LAPD/Parks & Rec shut Zuma Dogg down, I’m in serious financial trouble today. You can use credit cards, too, even if you don’t have paypal.If you donate , I’ll send you a shirt, or give it to you at City Hall.Meanwhile, someone who wanted to juggle machete knives on a tall utility ladder, above the crowd of onlookers below wanted to use some of Matt’s space.(He requested some space from Matt before Matt left and he was told, “Sorry, no.So I say, “Great, well Matt promised me ten minutes as soon as he got back”, so since he’s not here, and you want performers, I’ll start.…they wanted it to be the person they wanted it to be.

He said, “I’ll tell you what I DO have a problem with…(un-audible) incense.” I let Rob know that if anything, now it is an issue of a guy on a ladder throwing knives into the crowd on the beach grass. You see, Villaraigosa wants to win the mayoral election in ’09; sit in his office for a year; then run for Governor in ’10 (after only serving a year of his term).

So I wasn’t able to stay at Venice Beach and maybe take in some donations singing “Comfortably Numb” with Matt on guitar…or take in donations like the .00 bill some veteran gave me — because he saw me on TV 35 and then just heard what I was saying to the cops and he appreciated it. Rob and Parks and Rec just HAD to have that guy juggle knives there and HAD to tell Zuma Dogg HE COULD NOT PERFORM IN THE SPACE, EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALREADY THERE AND HADN’T EVEN BEEN THERE LONG ENOUGH TO CALL FOR A PERFORMER ROTATION! THEN, he’ll pop in one of his amigos as Mayor if he wins Governor.

So here I am, with way too much time on my hands to catch up on all the blogging I have been getting so behind on…HEY CM ROSENDAHL…ARE YOU TELLING ME OUT OF THE ENTIRE VENICE BEACH OCEAN FRONT WALK, THE PLACE THIS GUY COULD JUGGLE HIS MACHETES OVER THE CROWD WAS RIGHT WHERE ZUMA DOGG WAS STANDING? Zuma Dogg liked this scenario, because first of all…it means no matter what, only one extra year of Villar.

I wish the Mayor and his new significant other the best.

May this relationship last longer than the one with Mirthala Salinas.

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If this quote is correct, notice Villaraigosa says, “I don’t think it’s GOING TO have any impact whatsoever.” Responding to a reporter’s question during a news conference Tuesday in the state Capitol, Villaraigosa said: “I don’t think it’s going to have any impact whatsoever.” [Tony, you already are making a problem by lying. When you say, “whatsoever” that is buzzword for, “full of shit spinning politician.”] The Democratic mayor recently was linked to former Miss USA Lu Parker, a KTLA-TV reporter in Los Angeles.