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So users think they have antivirus but don't realize it is also a firewall.So when a warning pops up about a program trying to connect to the net they seem to like to hit block by default, thus breaking things more than helping.I have also helped users who uninstalled their firewall software but it didn't remove properly.So the firewall drivers where left behind and blocked all incoming connections.Remember a router is a hardware based firewall, it blocks incoming connections except those allowed through by the port forwarding rules.

Thankfully, it is easy to identify if you are behind more than one router and easy to fix :-) (UPDATE: I have now made a tool to help detect if you are behind multiple routers. Most routers, like Linksys, only let you put in the last part of the IP address to forward to (making sure the user doesn't put in an internet IP instead)." well you need to remember that a lot of home users are new to port forwarding and IP addresses.They don't always understand the differences between a LAN ( a local network) and a WAN (the internet).Some users have put internet IP's in or just the wrong IP all together (Such as putting their computers IP in when they want the IP from their Xbox).So lets say I want to make a port forwarding rule that sends an incoming connection to my PS3.

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As for this example you will see the WAN (Internet) to LAN (Your Computer) is set to block. As for this example the SPI options blocks all the port forwarding. Routers differ in their firewall rules and settings.