Khatia buniatishvili topless

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Opinions were an "interesting contrast" from what people say when they view the same video :)I think the picture is inside the article.

Don't know exactly how Reddit pulls its pictures from articles. Like pulling the first picture in a URL link, or something like that.

Much more did come, but it had nothing to do with music.

At some point either Khatia herself or, more likely, her handlers realised that talent alone does not careers make. Moreover, talent is strictly optional, some will even say superfluous. And star quality for a pianist who happens to be a good-looking, richly endowed girl doesn’t have to differ from what’s expected from centrefolds or soft porn actresses.

But her impressively cantilevered dresses are true masterpieces of structural engineering.

The cameramen shooting videos of her performances often aim their lenses face on, through the piano.

The results stood in stark contrast to comments/remarks when people see the video of her playing.

Bottom line, lots of people are influenced positively and negatively by her appearance, vs. I'm not a great pianist, she's leaps and bounds more talented than I'll ever be, but how is it comfortable playing in heels like that?

None of these girls would have been fit to turn the pages for the great women pianists of the past.That said, one of her better performances is not Chopin, Liszt or Rachmaninoff - it's her Yes.Someone else on another forum did a blind test once with one of her performances, by asking people what they thought of her performance (audio only) without revealing it was her.Like a creepy spy that will eat your children vibe.Edit.: added the creepy bit Back in October 2018, a member of another forum conducted a blind test with one piece she was playing. A lot of people were claiming this was a fake recording or a MIDI renderer...

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I'm a girly girl and love heels, but I ditch them or wear very modest ones when I have to play. I can't find it at the moment, but she answered some Q&A on one of her videos and one of the questions was if it was uncomfortable to use such high heels and press the pedals (she can wear stilettos and press both and sustain at the same time). My wife is from the same area of the world Astanova hails from and used to always wear super high heals and claim to me it was more comfortable than wearing flat shoes... 4) but this is not my interest so it's not easy for me to give a a deep opinion about it.