Kat von d dating

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Kat von d dating

And while she gets honest about sexual and verbal harassment and her own past ignorance, some still believe that the apology isn’t enough.Kat begins by explaining that she’s not anti-Semitic and that these comments started after an envious co-star, who she said assaulted her, learned that she would get her own spin-off show.

“Out of every comment that I’ve gotten, the ones that are calling me and my family Nazis are the ones that don’t sit well with me.They allegedly called it quits in October, amidst buzz that Kat was just dating him to get back at her ex Nikki Sixx.With their penchant for black and death, Kat Von D and Prayers‘ Leafar Seyer (Rafael Reyes written backward) are a match made in goth heaven.As for the anti-vaxxing claims – which started after she said in June that she wouldn’t vaccinate her baby – Kat has said that as a first-time mother, she read sources that made her hesitant to trust vaccinations.From now on, she said, she will keep the decisions she makes about her baby to herself.

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Sadly in the latino community they’re people that are racist, anti-semitic and colorism but they always use the “I’m latino” I’m not racist excuse.

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