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Jason taylor edyta sliwinska dating

” I’m guessing Edyta wasn’t expecting them to call her bluff, and she also doesn’t strike me as the type who will swallow their pride easily, so of course, she had to follow through on her promise, and out she went.Besides the obvious problem of being short 1 female pro, Edyta’s sudden exit had some shock waves that resonated through the cast that season.But at 5’3″, there was no way Lacey could partner Rick – and that would have been a very odd couple to watch, don’t you think?At 5’4″, Cheryl was at least up to the challenge (and made a very pretty pairing with Rick), but that left her original partner, Michael Bolton, without a partner.Edyta, who was 5’7″ and had sucessfully partnered the 6’6″ Jason Taylor in season 6, was allegedly supposed to partner the 6’7″ Rick Fox (who is still in a 3-way tie for the record of tallest person ever to do DWTS); the only other tall female pro on in the cast that season, Kym, had been promised to David Hasselhoff as part of his contract.The powers that be had to do some fixing, and they had to do it quick – so they brought Lacey back to fill Edyta’s vacancy.Michael was both short in stature and had a reputation of being a bit difficult to work with, so he was given to the 5’2″ and oh-so-calm Chelsie, who was originally supposed to be paired with Kyle…and Kyle was given to Lacey, creating one of the most memorable partnerships we’ve ever had on DWTS…and they have Edyta and her tantrum to thank for that 😉 So you see now what kinds of problems the exit of ONE PRO caused in an otherwise normal season – it required a lot of shuffling around of partnerships, and one pro that was originally told “you’re out” was suddenly back in.Now let’s apply the same logic to this season – which is arguably NOT a regular season.

That, and they probably didn’t want to give any of the viewers false hope.” While I don’t have a ton of insider info about what’s going on with the casting (even the insiders seem to be somewhat in the dark this season!), I do have a theory or two, and some knowledge of previous seasons to help back up said theories – and I’m about to share one with you that may or may not put things in perspective, and may or may not help ease your concerns…but it’s one that at least makes some sense, given what we’ve seen unfolding the past week or so and what we know of previous seasons.Now as much as I LOVE Anna & Chelsie as human beings, I’ve got to be honest: neither one ever seemed to reach their full potential on the show.Blame it on the partners they were given, blame it on bad music, wacky themes, whatever – Chelsie placed the highest in her first season on the show, and then was never able to achieve any higher than 5th place again; and as I heard many of you remarking after last season, Anna seems to have a renegade competitive streak that has a tendency to both create friction with her partners and to make her appear unintentionally cold to viewers.

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I’m guessing that she perhaps wasn’t banking on getting voted off so early (we’ve heard she was eliminated after the 3rd or 4th challenge), and TPTB figured out a way to work around any taping obligations she had for that show, so she probably said “Sure, why not? As for Derek – after his wistfully and bittersweet interview about Shawn at the end of the all-star season, I think he felt very torn about leaving DWTS: he felt like he had to do it in order to grow and move on to bigger & better things, but at the same time felt very attached to it, as it’s where he really seemed to grow as a choreographer…and it’s an outlet that allows him to really experiment with his choreography, with a captive audience.

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