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His first band was The Followers, with three studio albums. For a year, he retired from music, before joining the band His Side as the guitarist, at first as a touring member, before joining full time.

His father didn't know about this and Ross would have to sneak home.

He doesn't get it though, because his father won't let him have it.

When he's 12, Ross and Spencer Smith work a paper route to pay for instruments. They start playing for money on street corners, despite not being very good.

Along with Ryan struggling with his sexuality, he also deals with the pressure of being famous, his relationship with music, and his self-destructive behavior. When he was 3, his mother left his father and him, starting a new family with other half-siblings elsewhere.

At some point, his father starts drinking excessively.

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Ross named it, despite having never told any of his fellow bandmates the meaning behind it.

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