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Capitol Records went through some major restructuring.

Within a week I went from the idea that my record was going to be released worldwide and was just about to be mastered to the fact I was on a shelf and they weren’t gonna put out my record.

SS: Well you’ll notice on the CD there is The Matrix and Tim Armstrong from Rancid which are pretty big names for just a canadian release.They showed me more of the rock genre bands like Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Clutch and Faith No More who I grew up with on the road.Now that I’m older I kind of wanted to use that influence, it had in my teens on the road to inspire the style of music i’m doing now.RSC: What was it like opening for Britney Spears playing to all those big crowds so early in your career? What sixteen year old wouldn’t want to be traveling the world, playing for thousands of people having a blast. SS: If you notice I kind of have two alter egos going on.SS: It was intense, it prepared me for anything people can throw at me now. The reason I’ve done that is I feel I want to be able to express myself like, dark rocker, crazy mixing metal with dance hall, and all the elements I love in Sumo Cyco.

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I’ve also been a huge fan of horror movies and film.