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Is robert pattinson dating nikki reed

She also just so happened to be Kristen Stewart's best friend.

Is overanalyzing a relationship that ended over five years ago and of which the two people involved have obviously moved on from ridiculous?When director Christina Hardwicke had the list finally narrowed down to four, she flew the remaining actors in for a "chemistry test" alongside Stewart, who had already been cast.So they jumped on Hardwicke's own bed and acted out the "Meadow Scene" from the first movie (you know, the one where Bella and Edward have an epic staring contest amidst a poorly manicured field and you can literally see the two actors trying to figure out what the heck they just got themselves into).On July 24, triumphantly releases the photos of her infidelity.Stewart then issued a public apology for her actions.

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They reportedly kissed one last time before he walked home.