Intimidating dog fail Simulation sexcam

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Intimidating dog fail

First off, let me start by acknowledging all the dog lovers in the building.Since you love your furry friend and will probably be biased in this discussion, it’s perfectly okay to defend your pooch’s effectiveness as a guard dog.With that kind of cost, you could afford a great security system with top notch monitoring, multiple cameras, motion sensors and even cellular backups.A high-tech home security system will not only watch over your valuables and property, but it will also protect your dog against malicious, laced “treats” from savvy burglars too. Compare and save on top home security systems today.Add that to the fact that most burglars now confess to carrying tranquilized meat and your dog is in real danger of being hurt or worse.Training your pet to become a guard dog will be so time-consuming and expensive compared to the effectiveness.Reviewing the footage will show them who the perpetrators are and what they took from your home.

These dogs have spent virtually all their lives training how to bite or maim targets and safeguard their master at all costs, not bark until the problem goes away.

A dog trainer friend of mine, Karolin Klinck, brought the following story to my attention.

With anticipation I followed the development in Germany involving well-known American television star and controversial dog trainer Cesar Millan better known as The Dog Whisperer.

Your Dog’s Bark is Worse than Its Bite Let’s kick off with the fact that most of our pet dogs do not even look or act intimidating in the slightest way.

Sure, it might bark up a storm at strangers, but that’s as far as things go.

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Sure, a dog might be man’s best friend, but it’s not man’s best home security option.