Intimidating behavior in the workplace

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Bullying or harassment may be by an individual against an individual (perhaps by someone in a position of authority such as a manager or supervisor) or involve groups of people. Whatever form it takes, it is unwarranted and unwelcome to the individual.

So, it's important to be aware of possible cultural faux pas.It can also escalate from low-level incidents into aggressive, bullying behavior If it's your boss who is being rude, there is a different power dynamic to negotiate.You may have to accept that you're unlikely to change how she behaves, so concentrate on mitigating the effect that her rudeness has on you.Being on the receiving end of rude behavior can make you feel angry, upset and aggrieved.If it's not nipped in the bud, it can become "normalized" and embedded into your workplace culture.

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When it did arrive, it needed a time-consuming rewrite, and then the designer went on sick leave, leaving the planned timeline in tatters.

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