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He referred the case to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The original judge, Leon Bazile, who had handed down the conviction, refused to reconsider his earlier decision.

“Red birds mate with red birds, blue birds mate with blue birds. So, it’s against nature for different races to mate.” Flowing from all these arguments against interracial marriage is an inevitable pressure on all social structures to keep ethnic groups separate, especially among young people who might fall in love, if they hang out together.Though this viewpoint exists, Evangelicals are not against interracial marriage. For example, John Piper not only advocates interracial marriage in his book Bloodlines; ... Mildred Jeter (who was black and Native American) and Richard Loving (who was white) were married in 1958 in Washington, D. When they returned to their hometown of Richmond, Virginia, they were arrested.This is important because in the sad history of racial “science,” which justified prejudice on the basis of blacks having a different origin than whites, “the message of the Christian Scriptures constrained the development of polygenist ideas of multiple human origins” (Colin Kidd, , 271.).For all the misuses of the Bible to justify racial separation and subjugation, the teaching of a single common ancestor for all humans has been a massive deterrent to such abuses.

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