Internet dating site writing ad

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Internet dating site writing ad

Of course, window dressing is one way to get prospective customers’ attention, but online, this task falls to your PPC ads.

As well as wanting to solve their problems, people want to know that somebody else understands what they’re going through.

Differentiating your ads from your competitors' is vital, and humor can be an excellent way to accomplish this.

However, what’s funny to one person might be deeply offensive to another, so if you opt to take this approach, be sure to A/B test your ads to see if your prospects get the joke.

Leveraging user intent is crucial to increasing conversion rates.

One way to do this is by asking the searcher a question with your headline. Not only does it pose a question in the ad headline, it also uses very particular phrasing (“Protecting your family”) that implies solidarity and dependability – qualities that you could very well be looking for in a divorce attorney.

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