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Among his fellow employees were recent veterans of World War I.Smith earned 5 cents an hour, while the adults were paid from 20 to 25 cents an hour.They would disappear into another world behind the closed doors, only to reemerge when the long shift would end.While we have pictures of what all the factories looked like from the outside in historical collections and archives, we have precious few pictures of what went on after doors closed behind the last workers for the day.

The company made toilet articles, mirrors, combs, clocks, brushes, table and flatware, tea sets, children's cups, loving cups (trophies), candlesticks, fruit baskets, dishes, basically anything which was plated by or made of silver.

The silver was sent from the shoproom floor to shipping via an elevator.

Much of the silver was destined for South America, and was often packed in hay, which was difficult to work with in the summer if one had allergies. The boxes would be loaded on the horse drawn wagons of the Oates Brothers Trucking Company, where it was hauled to the Derby train station.

At that time the Derby Silver Company works was known as "Factory B".

Thus, as a rule of thumb, items with the Derby Silver Company logo most likely date from the nineteenth century, while items with the International Silver Company logo, either Derby or Factory B, are from the twentieth.

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